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"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."
―Jango Fett[src]

Jango Fett was a renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter, assassin, mercenary, and the "father" of Boba Fett, a genetic clone of his, whom he raised as a son. A Human from Concord Dawn, Fett was adopted by Mandalorian warriors following the murder of his parents and the disappearance of his older sister Arla in 58 BBY. Years later, he would go on to lead them through much of the Mandalorian Civil War as Mandalore. After being imprisoned by Jedi, Fett was responsible for destroying the Death Watch, a Mandalorian group who killed Fett's mentor, Jaster Mereel.

Following the conclusion of that conflict, Fett became a bounty hunter, quickly establishing a reputation as being one of the best in the galaxy. Later on, Fett agreed to serve as the genetic template for the clones that would form the bulk of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. When Master Obi-Wan Kenobi located Jango and Boba on Kamino, Fett fled to join Count Dooku. Though struck down by Mace Windu in combat, Fett's legacy would live on through his son Boba, as well as his cloned brethren, who would have a profound impact on galactic history.

Weapons and armor

"I'm intimately familiar with that fast draw of yours, Jango."
―Zam Wesell[src]
Jangos chest armor FF60

Fett's chest armor

Fett wore Mandalorian armor in the "shocktrooper" style common during his time, although instead of the more traditional beskar plating, he utilized the less resilient and less expensive durasteel alloy for his armor. Fett was armed with WESTAR-34 blaster pistols,[3] BlasTech Dur-24 wrist laser,[16] Czerka ZX miniature flame projector, and an integrated Velocity-7 dart shooter with Kamino saberdarts, among other kinds.[3] Fett's left gauntlet also had a Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which utilized computer target tracking.[1] Fett used Type-12A anti-personnel rockets, Type-12B gas capsules, and 1126 rockets.[3] He also carried a field security overloader, sonic beam weapon, wristband blades, wrist mounted grappling hook, boot spikes, and electromagnetic devices in his gloves, enabling him to attract his guns from a short distance.[17][36]


Fett's Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack

He had two jetpacks, one of which was a Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack; the jetpack was personally manufactured for Jango Fett by Merr-Sonn Munitions prior to the Clone Wars. The other was a Z-6 jetpack manufactured by Mitrinomon Transports. The JT-12 was a compact jetpack featuring a warhead missile launcher. This model was similar to the more heavily-armored Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack. The Mitrinomon Z-6 was a more common model of jetpack used by the Mandalorians. Many Mandalorians used this type of jetpack, including Jango Fett and Boba Fett. The jetpack included a targeting computer, flight gyros, and a missile/grapple launcher. Both models were favored by the elder Fett.[3]

Oddly enough, both Fett and Boba were thwarted by their jetpacks: while fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino, Fett's jetpack detached itself and flew out of control, exploding against a column. Also during Fett's final battle, it was the malfunction of his jetpack that ultimately resulted in his death.[3] Likewise, while battling Luke Skywalker over the Pit of Carkoon, Boba's jetpack was accidentally activated by Han Solo, launching him into the side of Jabba's sail barge and into the sarlacc.[37]


Jango version Slave 1

Slave I

After the death of his mentor, Jaster Mereel, Fett inherited Mereel's personal ship. Renaming it Jaster's Legacy, he used it in many of his bounty hunting contracts. During the hunt for Komari Vosa, which led to Oovo IV, the ship was sabotaged by Zam Wesell. Needing a replacement, he found a prototype fleet of Firespray-class starships in one of the hangars of the asteroid prison. Stealing one and demolishing the others, he christened it "Slave I", which he used up until his death. The ship would later go into the hands of his son, Boba Fett.[16]





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